​​​Getting Started

How do I sign up? 
It’s easy, just click 
HERE and fill out the form and you will begin with the next book release.

How much does it cost me to join? 
Nothing!!! Romance of the Month Club is FREE to its members.  There are no membership fees.

What is the price of the featured book of the month? 
The featured book of the month is FREE when you use your unique club redemption code to download the selection from Barnes & Noble.  If you download the book from a different retail platform (non-Barnes & Noble), the selection will be at standard retail price set by the author.  Redemption codes can only be exclusively used on Barnes & Noble.

How do I get the book? 
Every month on the second Friday, you will receive an email from Romance Read Club with information about the book and the author, along with a unique redemption code and instructions for downloading.

Member Q&A

Do you know the Barnes & Noble  telephone number?
We sure do!  It’s 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665).

Can I get the books if I live outside of the United States?
We're sorry.  Books are distributed by Barnes & Noble and you must have a B&N valid US account to receive books. 

I’m having trouble downloading my book – can you give me directions?
Sure.  Follow these easy steps.

1.       Go to https://nook.barnesandnoble.com/redeem.
2.       Enter your access code in the field and click Add Now.
3.       Follow the instructions to either log in or create your FREE Barnes & Noble account to get your eBook.

4.       Once you've claimed the eBook, you can read it on your NOOK, NOOK reading app, or on your desktop from MY NOOK.


I don’t use Barnes & Noble, can I have my free book on Amazon?
No.  Unfortunately, the free books are only available for download on Barnes & Noble.  However, did you know there are multiple ways to read on Barnes & Noble?  Check out your options on the Barnes & Noble website HERE.

I can’t find my email, but I know I registered.  Can you resend it to me?
Because of the large volume of members, we can’t resend individual emails upon request.  However, a few days before the code is set to expire, anyone who has not opened our email, will receive a reminder email—so you can get it then!

Do I need to have a Barnes & Noble account?

Yes, but an account is FREE.  (We really love free!) In order to redeem the free eBook, readers will need to have or create a B&N account online.   You can set up an account HERE.

​I have my code, but I don't know where to put it.​
Go to https://nook.barnesandnoble.com/redeem.
Enter your access code in the field and click Add Now.
Follow the instructions to either log in or create your Barnes & Noble account to get your eBook.

How long are the free download codes good for? 
The free download codes are good for thirty days.  After that, you won’t be able to download the book anymore.  However, there is another free book coming soon!
Can I share my code with a friend so we can buddy read? 
Codes are one time use only.  However, we’d love to have your friend join so that she can receive next month’s book to read with you.  Just send your friend
HERE to sign up.  

What authors will I receive free books from this year?
We are proud to have the following authors being featured exclusively with free books in 2017:
Kristen Ashley
K. Bromberg
Vi Keeland
Jamie McGuire

Julie A. Richman
Penelope Ward
Corinne Michaels
Helena Hunting
Katy Evans
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Jana Aston
Elle Kennedy

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